Belcando Finest Grain Free Puppy

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Belcando Finest Grain Free Puppy 1kg
5,59 €
Belcando Finest Grain Free Puppy 4kg
21,06 €
Belcando Finest Grain Free Puppy 12,5kg
60,45 €

Belcando Finest Grain Free Puppy

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for puppies of all breeds up to the age of 4 months
for young dogs of small breeds beyond that age with sensitivity to grain


Product features
Many breeders and puppy owners attach special importance to a grain-free nutrition of their dogs. That is why it is particularly important to chose the right recipe right from the beginning. Fresh poultry meat and thoroughly selected ingredients contribute to an excellent tolerance of BELCANDO® Puppy GF Poultry. The vegetable-composition of valuable amaranth, peas and potatoes offers the ideal substitute for grain for sensitive dogs.


Nutritional analysis
Fresh poultry meat (30 %); Amaranth (14 %); Potato starch; Pea flour; Poultry protein, low ash, dried (18 %); Fish meal from seafish (5 %); Poultry fat; Vegetable oil (palm, coconut); Egg, dried (2,5 %); Marine zooplankton, ground (Krill 2,5 %); Gelatine, hydrolysed (2,5 %); Brewers’ yeast, dried (2,5 %); Carob pods, dried; Dried beet pulp, desugared; Dicalcium phosphate; Poultry liver, hydrolysed; Chia seeds; Sodium chloride; Potassium chloride


Analytical constituents
Protein 29,5 %; Fat content 19,0 %; Crude ash 7,5 %; Crude fibre 2,5 %; Moisture 10,0 %; Calcium 1,25 %; Phosphorus 1,0 %; Sodium 0,35 %


Additives per kg
Nutritional additives: Vitamin A 15.000 IU; Vitamin D3 1.500 IU; Vitamin E 150 mg; Copper (as copper(II)sulphate, pentahydrate) 12,5 mg; Iron (as ferrous(II)sulphate, monohydrate) 200 mg; Manganese (as manganese(II)oxide) 40 mg; Zinc (as zincoxide) 150 mg; Iodine (as calciumiodate, anhydrous) 2,0 mg; Selenium (as sodiumselenite) 0,05 mg
Technological additives: Lecithin 2.800 mg; Tocopherol extracts from vegetable oils (= natural vitamin E) 48 mg


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