Advance Veterinary Diets Obesity Feline - 1,5 kg

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Advance Veterinary Diets Obesity Feline


Overweight and obesity
Diabetes Mellitus in overweight cats
Fiber-responsive colitis

Health issues associated with catabolic conditions

Features and Benefits:

  • LOW ENERGY DENSITY - Promotes healthy weight loss.
  • HIGH PROTEIN CONTENT - Helps maintain muscle mass, increase energy expenditure and improve insulin sensitivity.
  • HIGH FIBER CONTENT - Provides a satiating effect and dilutes the level of energy in the diet.
  • LOW LEVEL OF STARCH AND CARBOHYDRATES WITH A LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX - Barley and whole grains from maize and wheat. Improve insulin sensitivity and the metabolism of glucose.
  • CITRUS FRUIT FLAVONOIDS: GRAPEFRUIT AND ORANGE EXTRACTS - Help lower oxidative stress, inflammation, cholesterol and triglycerides in blood.
  • SUPPLEMENTS WITH MONOUNSATURATED FATTY ACIDS: OLIVE OIL - Induce a lowering of oxidative stress and help improve the symptoms of the metabolic syndrome.
  • SUPPLEMENTS WITH ESSENTIAL OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS: FISH OIL - Aid in the reduction of inflammation, joint pain and the risk of hepatic lipidosis.
  • ESSENTIAL OMEGA 6 FATTY ACIDS, ZINC AND BIOTIN - Helps restore and maintain the skin, hair and their protective barrier function.

 Feeding guide:



Weight Loss

2 kg

55 g

40 g

3 kg

65 g

50 g

4 kg

70 g

55 g

5 kg

80 g

60 g

6 kg

85 g

65 g

7 kg

90 g

70 g

8 kg

95 g

72 g

9 kg

100 g

75 g

10 kg2

105 g

80 g





Ingredients: Maize glutendehydrated poultry proteinmaizedehydrated pork proteinbarleypea fiberhydrolyzed animal proteinwheat glutenpotato proteinwheatvegetable fiberbeetroot pulpanimal fatsoya floursodium caseinatefish oilpotassium chloridedehydrated eggcalcium carbonateolive oilsalt.

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