Advance Veterinary Diets Dog Hypoallergenic 2,5kg

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ADVANCE Veterinary Diets Hypoallergenic Canine

A complete feed for dogs who have sensitive digestion and suffer from food allergies and inflamed bowels

Features and Benefits:

SINGLE SOURCE OF HYDROLYZED PROTEIN. Hydrolyzed soya protein with very low molecular weight. Prevents allergic reactions caused by proteins with a molecular weight over the antigenic threshold.
SINGLE SOURCE OF CARBOHYDRATES. Cornstarch, free of protein residues. Prevents the allergic reactions caused by residues from grain proteins while providing high digestibility.
SOURCE OF MEDIUM CHAIN FATTY ACIDS (MCT). Improves the digestibility and absorption of fat and is readily available for use.
HIGH DIGESTIBILITY. Facilitates digestion in patients with enteropathies and gastrointestinal problems.
PALATABILITY. Thanks to a new hypoallergenic coating.

Feeding guide:


Body weight

g/day approx.

6-26 weeks

g/day approx.

26-52 weeks

g/day approx.


Miniature breeds

1-5 kg

95-205 g

75-165 g

25-105 g

Small breeds

5-10 kg

205-330 g

165-260 g

105-175 g

Medium breeds

10-20 kg

330-565 g

260-475 g

175-285 g


20-30 kg

565-785 g

475-610 g

285-375 g

Large breeds

30-40 kg

785-870 g

610-750 g

375-475 g

Giant breeds

40-50 kg3

870-935 g

750-800 g

475-595 g



Ingredients: Purified vegetable starchhydrolyzed vegetable proteinhydrolyzed animal proteinsanimal fatcoconut oilcellulosemonocalcium phosphatepurified fermentable fiberpotassium chloridecolza oil and salt.
Source of protein: Hydrolyzed soya proteinhydrolyzed animal proteins.
Source of carbohydrates: Purified maize starch.

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