Advance Veterinary Diets Dog Gastroenteritic 3kg

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Features and Benefits:
BIOACTIVE PLASMA PROTEINS - Modulate the intestinal immune system and help maintain the integrity of the mucous membrane. Contribute to a better intestinal health, digestion of food and absorption of nutrients.
HIGH LEVEL OF GLUTAMINE -Amino acid regarded as the best energy source for enterocytes. Helps maintain the health of the intestinal mucosa and improves its function under situations of metabolic stress and lesions of the cell wall, as well as during diarrhea episodes.
FAT RICH IN MEDIUM CHAIN FATTY ACIDS (MCT) - Improve the digestibility and absorption of fat.
HIGH RICE CONTENT - Helps reduce the volume of intestinal residues thanks to their high digestibility.
HYDROLYZED PROTEINS - Facilitate the absorption of essential amino acids and the overall digestion process.
SOURCE OF LONG-CHAIN OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS - Provide an anti-inflammatory effect at the intestinal level and contribute to improved regulation of the immune system.
PREBIOTICS: INULIN - Stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines. Help improve intestinal and immune system health.
Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency
Inflammatory bowel disease
Intestinal lymphangiectasia
Liver disease not associated with encephalopathy
Feeding guide:



6-26 weeks


Miniature Breeds

1-5 kg

45-110 g

35-100 g

Small breeds

5-10 kg

110-210 g

100-160 g


10-20 kg

210-360 g

160-350 g

Medium breeds

20-30 kg

360-470 g

350-500 g

Large breeds

30-40 kg

470-530 g

500-550 g

Giant breeds

40-502 kg

530-600 g

550-650 g



Ingredients: Ricemaizemaize gluten flourdehydrated poultry proteinscoconut oilanimal fathydrolyzed animal proteinshydrolyzed soy proteinplasma proteinscalcium carbonatemonocalcium phosphateyeastpotassium chloridefish oilfructooligosaccharides (FOS)vegetable fibersepiolite.
Highly digestible ingredients: pressure-cooked ricecoconut oilhydrolyzed soya protein.

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