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Happy Dog Baby Milk Probiotic 0,5 kg

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Supreme Junior: The Revolution in Junior feeding!
The recipes for our Supreme Junior products are based on the innovative 2-phase concept :
Phase 1: Providing the higher protein content needed by medium and large breeds for healthy growth.
Phase 2: Reduction of the protein content according to need offers the highest possible security when feeding breeds which are sensitive to growth

Puppy milk as a complete food for puppies.

Feeding instructions:

Stir 1 part puppy milk powder (heaped measuring spoon = approx. 15g) into 3 parts hot water (a measuring spoon = approx.15 ml).

Feeding temperature of the puppy milk approx. 35° C. Use freshly prepared and clean containers for every meal.

Number of meals for puppies per day:

1st week: 12x per day
2nd week: 8x per day
3rd week: 6x per day

From 4 weeks:  Give puppy milk 4-5 x per day until puppy is full; solid food should gradually be introduced.

These recommendations are to be altered accordingly depending on the size and development rate of the puppy.

whey fat powder, soya protein concentrate, gelatine, skimmed milk powder, whey powder, powdered egg, dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride. Digestible energy: 2050 kJ/100 g
raw protein 30%
raw fat 30%
raw fibre 0,6%
raw ash 7,6%
Carbohydrates (NfE) 23,8%
calcium 1%
phosphorus 0,8%
sodium 0,5%
magnesium 0,2%
omega 6 fatty acids 0,9%
fatty acids 1,2%
l-lysin 1,1%
dl-methionin 0,6%
l-cystin 0,2%
l-tryptophan 0,3%
Additional ingredients/kg:
Vitamins/kg:   Trace elements/kg:  
vitamin A 35000IE selenium 0,5mg
vitamin D3 2000IE manganese 5mg
vitamin E 150mg cobalt 1 mg
vitamin B1 10mg zinc 150mg
vitamin B2 20mg iodine 2mg
vitamin B6 10mg iron 50mg
vitamin B12 100µg copper 15mg
vitamin C 500 mg Molybdän 2 mg
pantothenic acid 45mg    
cholin chloride 1000 mg Amino acids:  
l-carnitine 500 m dl-methionin 4000 mg
biotin 100µg    
folic acid 80mg    
niacin 50mg    
taurin 1000 mg    


Baby Milk Probiotic: For raising motherless puppies from the very first day

AgeWeight of the puppyQuantity of food per day
1st week 0,2 kg 30 - 40 ml
  0,3 kg 45 - 60 ml
  0,4 kg 60 - 80 ml
  0,5 kg 75 - 100 ml
2nd week 0,4 kg 40 - 60 ml
  0,5 kg 50 - 75 ml
  0,75 kg 75 - 115 ml
  1,0 kg 100 - 150 ml
3rd week 0,75 kg 75 - 115 ml
  1,0 kg 100 - 150 ml
  1,25 kg 125 - 185 ml
  1,5 kg 150 - 225 ml
  1,75 kg 175 - 260 ml
  2,0 kg 200 - 300 ml


Expert Recommendation:

Pregnant bitches can also be given puppy milk as supplementary food before the birth, so that they have enough energy and calcium for a good labour. This supplementary feeding is also recommended while they are suckling – especially for bitches who generate little milk while rearing the puppies, lose weight easily or develop a poor coat.

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