Josera koeratoit YoungStar

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Josera koeratoit YoungStar 15kg
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Josera koeratoit YoungStar 4kg
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Josera koeratoit YoungStar

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A natural growth formula for our young adventurers, the perfect companion into adulthood with particularly nutritious ingredients. Grainfree and with wholesome poultry meat.

  • For young dogs over the age of 8 weeks
  •  Easily digestible with no grains
  •  Specially tailored for growth with the right calcium phosphorus ratio
  •  Moderate energy and protein content
  •  Can be fed all the way into adulthood


Complete feed for growing dogs.
Composition: dried potato 44.0 %; dried poultry protein 28.0 %; poultry fat; beet fibre; carob meal; hydrolysed poultry protein; potato protein; yeast; hydrolysed vegetable protein; minerals; ground chicory root (natural source of inulin); dried algae; dried meat from the New Zealand green-lipped mussel (Perna canaliculus).

Analytical constituents
protein 25.0 %
fat content 13.0 %
crude fibre 2.1 %
crude ash 7.2 %
calcium 1.40 %
phosphorus 0.90 %
Technological additives
Antioxidants: tocopherol extracts of natural origin.
Nutritional additives per 1 kg
vitamin A 20,000 I.U.
vitamin D3 1,500 I.U.
vitamin E 180 mg
vitamin B1 10 mg
vitamin B2 15 mg
vitamin B6 15 mg
vitamin B12 90 mcg
pantothenic acid 40 mg
niacin 85 mg
folic acid 4 mg
biotin 800 mcg
iron (ferrous sulfate. monohydrate) 180 mg
zinc (zinc chelate of glycine. hydrate) 160 mg
selenium (sodium selenite) 0.25 mg
manganese (manganese-(II)-oxide) 16 mg
copper (cupric chelate of glycine, hydrate) 20 mg
iodine (calcium iodate, anhydrous) 2.00 mg

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